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Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Is this product also available in drug stores or pharmacies?

We only sell Maca through our websites.

2. Will your Maca be wrapped up discretely? Are there any references to the product on the package?

Our packaging is very discreet. There are no references to the product on it. You will receive a blank envelope with your address on it.

3. My order hasn't arrived yet

Delivery period:

  • It can take up to 3 to 5 working days before you will receive your order, with a possible delay of 1 to 2 days.
  • A public holiday within the period your order has been shipped, may cause a few days? delay.

The normal delivery period has expired:

Keep in mind that the Maca will not fit in your mailbox. The Postal worker will most likely ring at your door to give you the package. If you are not home at that time, your Maca will be returned to the local Post Office. It will stay there approximately 2 to 3 weeks before it wil be sent back to us. In case of delay, ask for information at your local Post Office first.

Your package was not found at the Post Office and thus has been lost or delivered at the wrong address:

Get in touch with us at our support (http://www.support-hwb.com), we'll help you further.

4. I want to cancel my order (but the link doesn't work).

If you send us your order number and e-mail address, we will cancel your order.

5. I live outside of Europe, do you ship to my country?

Because in this case shipping costs will be higher, we ask you to order at least 2 jars.

6. How long will it take before receiving my Maca?

Our delivery period is 3 to 6 days, we don't ship in weekends.

7. I've already paid and received my Maca, why do you still send me a reminder of payment?

You have probably already paid, and maybe you have even received your order. This may be because you have tried to order several times, as a test. This is no problem. Please cancel your order by clicking the hyperlink in the e-mail.


8. I'd like to pay afterwards, is that possible? (Payment at delivery)

Unfortunately, at the moment this is not possible. The costs for payment at delivery are rather high. Most people are not prepared paying these high expenses (compared to a relatively low price).

9. Giro transfer or money wire?

No, it will not be possible to pay afterwards. Unfortunately too many people take advantage of this and never pay. This loss will subsequently be responsible for an increase in price of the Maca for all customers. This is why the procedure we use is the best for you and for us. We hope we can count on your understanding.

10. I've lost your account number / what are your bank details

International (Fortisbank):

IBAN BE90 0014 0716 2832
(HWB International BVBA)

11. Problems ordering by credit card

This is most likely a temporary or local problem. Maybe your antivirus program blocking our payment page. Try temporarily switching off your antivirus program. Or try again, if possible from another computer and, if necessary, you can always send us your credit card information through our support and we will make sure your order is processed.

12. Why don't I see the small lock symbol on the page for payment by creditcard?

Our payment page is secure. We work with Ogone (see www.ogone.be), the biggest internet payment provider in Europe. They stand for security and discretion. We have processed their secure pages in our frames, to make sure our site is one pretty whole, that’s why you don’t see the lock.


13. 800 mg, is that the amount per tablet?

Yes, our tablets contain 800mg of Maca. The daily recommended dose is 2 to 3 pills a day, one before each meal, with a glass of water (this will make sure the Maca will dissolve faster and better inside your body).

14. Are there any negative effects using Maca?

No, our Maca is 100% natural and does not have any side effects.

15. How long will it take me before noticing the effects of Maca?

It depends, every human body is different and therefore reacts differently to the use of Maca. Futrthermore, people use Maca for different reasons (menopause, libido, fertility, etc...). There are people who feel its positive effect after 2 days. There are people who experience the effects after as long as a month.

16. Do you have Maca in powder form?

We will be introducing Maca powder very soon.

17. I've undergone full or partial hysterectomy, could Maca still work for me?

Yes, a lot of our clients are in a similar situation and their reactions about Maca are very positive. Maca has a general positive effect on your body and will most likely help you.

18. I'm on medication, can I take Maca?

In theory, yes, because Maca is a 100% natural product it can be taken along with most of traditional medication and food supplements, but because we cannot judge your personal situation, we recommend you visit your physician in case of doubt.

19. I suffer from high blood pressure, can I take Maca?

Yes, Maca helps to bring down high blood pressure. Maca helps to raise low blood pressure. Maca supports the body where needed. Maca will stimulate and balance your hormonal system and will have positive effects on many a bodily function.

20. What is the composition of the Maca-tablets?

About Maca > Composition

21. Is Maca a biological, organic product?

Yes, cultivation and processing of our Maca in Peru are organic. The process is controlled by SKAL international.


22. What are the distribution conditions?

Send us your Company details, with a short description of your activities, so that we may send you our conditions and prices.


23. I'm ordering from the promotional site by creditcard, howcome there is no place for me to insert my order number?
If you are ordering by credit card through our promotional site, you do not need to enter an order number. Generally, you already have to be a clients before being able to order from this page and the promotional prices have already been liked to this page.

24. What is my order number, I've lost it.

Please leave a ticket at our support (http://www.support-hwb.com) and we will look up your order number in our database.